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LUCID’s scientifically engineered formula gets the brain ready for optimal performance at work, school, and athletics, when it really counts.

Drinking LUCID can help your mind slow down, allowing it reduce stress, relieve anxiety and create focus.


LUCID is just perfect!

I usually have a hectic schedule because I like to be busy. Whether it’s preparing for an audition, working out, speaking out for veteran’s rights, or working on a role - I always need to feel like I’m performing at my best. While I do love my morning coffee, LUCID helps to give me and extra boost of mental sharpness and clarity throughout the day without the crash associated with caffeine and sugar-laden energy drinks.

- Jamie Gray Hyder
Actress, Producer & Activist


What exactly is LUCID?

LUCID is a scientifically formulated beverage with natural ingredients that provides a feeling of mental sharpness and clarity.


What is the best way to enjoy LUCID?

The best way to enjoy LUCID is chilled or over some ice but it also tastes great at room temperature or with a splash of club soda and a squeeze of lemon!


Does LUCID contain caffeine and/ or a ton of sugar?

No. LUCID is unlike energy drinks and doesn’t make you jittery or wired. Rather, you will feel refreshed and clear-headed.


Will LUCID get me high?

No. There are zero psychoactive ingredients in LUCID.


I feel tired and foggy. If I drink LUCID, am I safe to drive?

No! LUCID won’t make you a safer driver. Always be safe and call a car service or have a friend drive you home.


Can LUCID relieve heavy intoxication?

No. LUCID can restore some mental clarity, depending on how much was consumed, but some things cannot be undone and must run their course.

LUCID uses only the best stuff

LUCID'S scientifically engineered formula uses only premium ingredients.

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